Svitlana ID 385 41 y.o.
Svitlana ID 385 41 y.o.
Svitlana ID 385 41 y.o.
Svitlana ID 385 41 y.o.
Svitlana ID 385 41 y.o.
Svitlana ID 385 41 y.o.
Svitlana ID 385 41 y.o.
Svitlana ID 385 41 y.o.


41 years, Uzhhorod, Ukraine, id: 385

About me:

Calm and balanced. I have a great need in communication, I like to exchange impressions and open to new things. I like to help others, I study non-stop, constantly develop and learn something new. I like to give gifts, take care of others, give support and knowledge. I like to rest in a small company in nature, I like baths, spa, various thermal waters. I love coziness and beauty in the house. Also I love animals, plants, forests, mountains and gardens. I am a vegetarian (but not a fanatic).

My hobbies: Kinesiology (physical therapy method). I make a training courses on the Meta Kinesiological Method (it works on three levels, physics, psychology and energy). I dream of traveling and teaching people this method. And make an online course. I love nature, travel, new interesting places and meeting interesting people. I like to create, draw, transformative psychological games, group programs. I am passionate about art and interior design. I found of Various philosophical and ancient teachings, Vedas, Ayurveda, vastu, Chinese traditional medicine, History of religions. I make hatha yoga for women and master classes in art therapy, psychological trainings.

About partner:

Calm, educated, intellectually and emotionally developed man, with a clear life position. Successful in professional way. Treats people with respect. Caring, open to dialogue. Has no addictions (alcohol, drugs, etc.). Must love dogs (I have a 3-year-old French bulldog). Ready to support the family financially in case of need. With maximum age difference 13years.

Date of birth:1982
Eye color:blue
Hair color:red
Education:psychologist, artist, kinesiologist
Smoking:No Smoking
Languages:English, Slovakian
Language level :elementary level
City:Uzhhorod, Ukraine
Marital status :Divorced
Children:daughter, 13 y.o. lives with her father in the city of Uzhhorod, remains in Uzhhorod