Anna ID 369 31 y.o.
Anna ID 369 31 y.o.
Anna ID 369 31 y.o.
Anna ID 369 31 y.o.
Anna ID 369 31 y.o.
Anna ID 369 31 y.o.
Anna ID 369 31 y.o.
Anna ID 369 31 y.o.
Anna ID 369 31 y.o.


31 years, Kharkiv, Ukraine. id: 369

About me:

I was born in a happy full-fledged family, brought up in the love and care of two parents, which gives me an understanding and vision of my future family. I am a cheerful and sociable person, I always try to find positivity in everyday life, I definitely believe that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I like to travel, learn something new for myself, expand my horizons and fill myself with new knowledge. In my opinion, it is very important to develop and be active, there are so many things in the world that we have not seen and therefore openness gives us the opportunity to be happier.

My hobbies: I love cooking something new and experimenting, I’m an esthete, and for me, delicious and beautiful food is like the language of love. I am a creative person and I love to do something with my own hands, I love flowers and nature, these things fill me up. I like helping people, caring and doing something nice for them, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be something grandiose and big, sometimes a small gesture and helping someone can radically change his life. I am interested in yoga and fitness, it helps me stay in good shape and in good health, yoga gives us plasticity and allows us to learn to listen to ourselves, which is an important aspect in everyday life. I also like cycling, swimming, going out into nature when it’s warm and there is an opportunity to organize picnics, meetings with friends and the weather. I am looking for my man, because in the future I want to build a strong and loving family that will support and inspire me throughout my life.

About partner:

A man whom I see next to me is independent, who can support me in my development and will not criticize, with a sense of humor and who loves children and animals, generous and ready to make compromises in misunderstandings. A very important point is that he is not conflicted and not very jealous (jealousy and mistrust kills everything in his path). I would like someone who speaks English, even if only a little. Who likes some kind of sport, even if it is just a little, who likes to go to movies and to the mountains. Maximum age difference 15-20 years

Date of birth:1991
Eye color:Blue-gray
Hair color: Blonde
Profession:Smm / content creator photographer
Smoking:No Smoking
Language level :B1
Marital status :Never Married
Children:No Children