Agnes ID 248 49 y.o.
Agnes ID 248 49 y.o.
Agnes ID 248 49 y.o.


49 years, Uzhgorod, Ukraine, id: 248

About me:

I do not tolerate lies, so I am a very sincere and honest person, whatever the cost, I am an excellent in cooking, pedant, I love my profession very much, so I earn good money. For a long time I have dreamed of finding a person with whom would be easy and not boring). First of all, I value honesty in people.

My hobbies: I love dancing very much.

About partner:

Generous, restrained, a man of his word, self-sufficient, able to take a responsible attitude to relationships and appearance is very important to me, excess weight is not allowed, I prefer an athletic physique. I like stylish, lean, fit and self-care men.


Date of birth:1974
Eye color:Green
Hair color:Blond
Smoking:No smoking
Languages:Hungarian, Czech, Slovak
Language level :B1
Marital status :Divorced
Children:Daughters (17 and 19 years)