Services and Prices


  • Step 1 – Free Registration

    Services and PricesFill in the registration form on the website (link) with your main info and your contact details. During the registration, please look through our database of registered women looking for a soulmate (link). After receiving the form, we will analyse the information. Then our manager will contact you and schedule free a video or phone call to discuss the details.

    During the registration process feel free to contact us via WhatsApp, Viber or Telegram (+393496977597).

    Registration is free of charge


  • Step 2 Gentleman vs Matchmaker interview

    Services and PricesThe goal of this conversation is to achieve a deeper understanding of your profile and create greater harmony between you and your future partner. We will discuss the details of our matchmaking services as well as your aims.  We will evaluate your profile information, your background and together we will determine which partner would be the ideal for you, even if the final choice (and relative responsibility for the outcome) will be yours. From this moment you only need to make a deposit 80 euros which will include ONE FREE VIDEO DATE with one of selected ladies and fee for the creating of your profile.

    Deposit 80 euro

  • Step 3 – Matchmaking process

    Services and PricesOnce we have completed the first three steps of the process, we begin to contact women / ladies that we have proposed to you in our interview and you have chosen. We will take care of providing them information about you in order to give/refer to you their feedback as soon as possible.

    If the attraction is mutual, and your profile is appreciated, we will organize a video appointment between you and the lady via Skype or Google Meet.


  • Step 4 – Go on a video date!

    Services and PricesEach video date will last about 40 min and will be supervised by one of the matchmakers, which will act as interpreter as well. Therefore, you do not have to fear any “language barrier” problems because we will take care of ensuring everything runs smoothly and you could understand each other well during the interview.

    After the video meeting, you will decide whether to contact another lady, whether to continue video dates with the same woman as well or – always with the same woman – whether to go to step 5 meeting with her.

    Price of each video-call: 50 euro

  • Step 5 – Let’s meet: go on a real date!

    Services and PricesIf after video conferencing or personal communication you both decide to meet we can start planning your date! Date can take place either on the women’s or man’s territory. It can be discussed and both sides should be agreed.

    This is a very critical phase of the process, where it is also important to assure the comfort of each other. That’s why our agency overviews the entire process (according to our policies it is not allowed to organize the first meeting on your own) in order to put in place the possible actions for a successful experience.

    Price to access to live meeting is 250 euro


  • Option “1”: Date at the Man’s territory

    Services and PricesIf you want to invite your future potential Partner to visit your country, the rule is that you pay the cost for her tickets and accommodation: we will assist you in choosing the right options for both of you.

    We will assist you as well in the preparation and fulfilment of all the appropriate documentation for the Lady if needed (this service could have an additional cost, to be evaluated case by case).

  • Option “2”: Date at the Woman’s territory

    Services and PricesIn the case if you will decide to meet lady at her county/city, meeting – that as as well a cost of 250 euro – can be organised by support of our Agency. It depends on wishes of both sides. Milana Agency will assist you in the organization of the trip and your stay in the Lady’s country, empowering your experience.

    This means that also in this case we will support you in finding the best solutions and in preparing all your necessary documentation for reaching the women territory, but pay attention: final choice and related costs are exclusively in charge of you.

And remember: WE WILL help and support YOU on each step to turn your FIRST DATE into a LONG LASTING RELATIONSHIP!

Also we want to assure you that all your data will be covered by maximum privacy according to the European law!