Ірина ID 349 35 років
Ірина ID 349 35 років
Ірина ID 349 35 років
Ірина ID 349 35 років
Ірина ID 349 35 років
Ірина ID 349 35 років
Ірина ID 349 35 років
Ірина ID 349 35 років


35 years, Lyon, France, id: 349

About me:

I’m not perfect, but I have many good traits and qualities! I am active, positive, open, sincere and emotional woman! Experienced, wise and strong! Kind, gentle, loving, caring, with a good sense of humor! Determined, confident, persistent, proactive, creative, purposeful! Responsible, polite, punctual and fair! I am proud of myself and my achievements! I respect myself, despite my mistakes, failures, and imperfections! I don’t want to please everyone, or meet someone’s standards! I have a high level of self-sufficiency, and enough courage to be myself! I love people, communication, and I treat others the same way as myself! I dream of a full-fledged, happy, loving family! Currently, we have a very friendly, happy, loving, but small family! With children and cats, we are missing the head of the family, dogs, and maybe even children!

My hobbies: As for habits, a healthy lifestyle is important to me, development is important, and comfort is also important, so if an old habit of mine is getting in the way, I’m flexible enough to change it! I paint oil paintings, I love the sea, mountains, exhibitions.

About partner:

First of all, he should be a mature, wise man, intelligent, financially stable, kind, with a good sense of humor! As for appearance, I am attracted to men with a normal build, well-groomed, who dress with taste and smell nice! It is important that a man is active, positive, and easy to communicate with! With adequate ambitions, plans for the future, and a vision of how to turn your plans into reality! It is important to lead a healthy lifestyle! It is also important that he loves himself, people, and life. Maximum age difference 15 years.

Date of birth:1988
Eye color:Light brown
Hair color:Chestnut
Smoking:No smoking
Languages:English, Italian, French
Language level :A1, B2, A1
City:Kremenchuk, Ukraine
Marital status :Divorced
Son 20 y.o., daughter 10 y.o.