Nataliya ID 260 49 y.o.
Nataliya ID 260 49 y.o.


49 years, Mukachevo, Ukraine, id: 260

About me:

Optimist, cheerful, romantic, logical, loving, tender and courageous woman. My habits: sport 2 times per day, water 2 hours before breakfast; also I am trying do not eat in the late evening. In people I value honesty, openness, humanity, ability to love, wisdom, knowledge, achievements, purposefulness and intelligence. I am a socially active person, can communicate easily with people. I have an active life position regarding my life or the people for whom I am responsible of.

My hobbies: dancing, healthy lifestyle, psychology, learning German and English, bicycle, outdoor activities, travel, design, hand-made.

About partner:

Wise, smart, caring, stronger than me man. Esthete. With similar values as mine. I see next to me generous, gentle, loving, reliable and honest man. Also with a good sense of humor.

Date of birth:1974
Eye color:Blonde
Hair color:Gray green
Profession:Design and Hand Made work
Smoking:No smoking
Languages:English, German
Language level :Beginner, A2
Marital status :Divorced
Children:Daughter 12 years old