Liliana  ID 346 30 y.o.
Liliana  ID 346 30 y.o.
Liliana  ID 346 30 y.o.
Liliana  ID 346 30 y.o.
Liliana  ID 346 30 y.o.
Liliana  ID 346 30 y.o.


30 years, Bologna, Italia, id: 346

About me:

I am a very strong independent person. An emotional, cheerful and sensual girl. I am delighted with my work and my life in general. My character is different, I can be cute today and dangerous tomorrow. Thanks to my originality, I am never bored. I like to talk about interesting topics, eternity and theories of the origin of the world. I don’t fully open up to people very quickly, it takes time and trust, but if you have patience, meeting me is the best thing that could happen to a person.

My hobbies: I like to travel and have a good rest in my free time. I am interested in psychology, like dancing as well.

About partner:

I want to meet a self-sufficient self-confident man who knows what he wants. My philosophy is that behind every successful man is his woman. My partner should be a little stronger than me mentally, so that I feel safe. Must love children. Evening walks and conversations are a very important part of a relationship. I respect honesty in relationships and respect for each other’s freedom.

Date of birth:1993
Eye color:Green
Hair color:Dark blond
Profession:Dermatologist, medical esthetician
Smoking:No smoking
Languages:English, Italian
Language level :B1, B1
City:Bologna, Italia
Marital status :Divorced
Children:Son 7 years old