Matchmaking Services Terms & Conditions

By joining as a member you are entering into a contract based on these terms and conditions. Payment of the joining fee is accepted to these terms and conditions. may change these terms and conditions from time to time.


The Client acknowledges that he or she has met with a representative of, who has generally explained the Matching Services to the Client and has gained an initial understanding of the Client’s general preferences in respect of a Partner. The Client agrees to engage to provide the Matchmaking Services during the Membership Period.

Client’s right to revoke

Initial Right to Revoke

After the Client has signed and returned this agreement to, the Client has 14 calendar days (the “Grace Period”) to revoke this agreement by notifying by e-mail or in writing. No Fees are due until after the expiry of the Grace Period.


(a) Step 1: Registration and Creation of Profile will send the Client a link to access an online registration form as well as an invoice for the Matching Services Fees. The Client will complete the online registration form and will provide with the documents requested.

(b) Step 2: Selection and Submission of a Proposal

As soon as the Client has an Active Membership, will start its selection process in respect of a Partner for the Client.

(c)Additional Proposals

Within the Membership Period, the procedure outlined in Section (b) of this Article 3 will be repeated when requested by the Client.


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